Please follow the instructions given by the hospital. This will ensure you have a clean bowel prep as this helps with examination of your bowel when there is no stool to obstruct good vision.

Bowel Prep the day before

  • Clear fluids – > 1 cup per hour
  • Picoprep at 3pm and 6pm
  • Nothing to eat/drink 6 hours prior to arrival in hospital

Risks of Colonoscopy

  • 1:1000 Perforation, requiring operation
  • Removing polyps increases risk of perforation
  • Bleeding, especially if there is removal of polyps or banding of haemorrhoids.

Post Colonoscopy Care

  • Do not drink alcohol, smoke, drive, operate machinery or sign any legally binding documents for the full 24 hour.
  • You must have someone to take you home and stay with you overnight
  • It is advisable that you rest for the remainder of the day, giving yourself time to recover from the procedure. The following day you can return to your normal activities.
  • It is not unusual to experience some discomfort in your lower abdomen, this is from the air put inside the bowel to inflate it during the procedure. These wind-type pains and bloating usually pass and settle within a few hours. Try to pass wind as this will help.
  • If you have any concern, please contact the number above (during business hours), or present yourself to the emergency department of Hawkesbury hospital.
  • It takes 1 week for the results of any tissue removed to come back. Please follow up to check on the results and make further plans for repeat colonoscopy.

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